A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Just relax and have a little stroll around this space garden.

A tiny experience created during TrainJam 2017.

Art: Maike Vierkant (@maibbit)
Code: Ben Myres (@_benjamming)
Audio: David Fenn (@autotwitch)

Shoutout to Kate for lending her voice!


AstroFlora_Windows.zip 21 MB
Astro_Flora_Mac.zip 23 MB


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I think I broke it. I was walking along just fine, then I kept going to the right of the screen and ended up in an area where to matter where I walk or for how long, I can't seem to find anything. I just wander forever and I can 't find my way back D:

Thanks for letting us know! That definitely is not on purpose, we will look into it :o